Logan Henderson draws fans to SRU

Fans drive up to 8 hours to see Big Time Rush star at Miller Auditorium.

Published by Zac Gibson, Date: October 13, 2023

Logan Henderson performed at Miller Auditorium for the Talkback and Tunes event hosted by the University Program Board Monday night.

Dedicated fans arrived as early as 11 am for the event which started at 7:30

one particular group of Big-Time Rush enthusiasts traveled all the way from Long Island to see Henderson. They’ve been to his events more than 18 times each.

Morgan Trahan, 25, has seen BTR 50 times in concert.

“If I had to guess [how much I’ve spent], just going to shows since 2012, at least six figures,” Trahan said. “With the traveling, hotels, and everything else.”

Trahan discussed her path to SRU, Starting Sunday with a flight from her home state of Virginia to New York, taking a train to Long Island to meet up with Samantha Kolyer, 22, and Paige Matz, 21, and finally the big-time trio drove from Long Island to Slippery Rock.

“Logan has a really great solo career as he’s done a lot of great work outside of the four of them [BTR],” Trahan said. “I’m really excited to see Logan talk and perform his own stuff.”

Each of the Big-Time trio has been chosen to be on stage as a “Worldwide girl” alluding to the BTR song by the same name.

They also have matching worldwide tattoos.

More than 300 fans attended the event featuring a Q&A discussion with Henderson performing songs in between.

During the discussion Henderson talked about his favorite memories from filming on the Nickelodeon hit series, Big Time Rush, and how he differentiated his sound after the group’s original split.

“The freedom to be vulnerable scared me and I thought I must be onto something.” Henderson said.

He also gave attendees insight into his touring experience with the group by the same name.

“Traveling [on tour] with those 3 crazy individuals is so rewarding and so challenging at the same time,” Henderson said. “there’s not a word that describes that feeling, it’s the ultimate fun-loving experience.”

Song list:

  1. “Music Sounds Better With You”
  2. “Sleepwalker”
  3. “Pull Me Deep”
  4. “Weekends”
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