SRU updates attendance policy

Students are encouraged to attend classes regularly

Published by James Cressman, Date: September 22, 2023
SRU updates attendance policy

Slippery Rock University (SRU) has released its updated attendance policy, citing an importance for students to attend face-to-face classes and be engaged in any online classes they’re currently enrolled in. This comes as SRU, like many campuses around the world, have begun to see a return to life on campus.

According to the policy, students will be responsible for communicating any absences directly to their professors. Any student who is found to have “misrepresented” their reasoning for the absence will be in breach of the Code of Student Conduct. SRU instructors are responsible for communicating the attendance policy in the class syllabus handed out at the start of the semester.

Students who miss class due to participation in curricular and extracurricular activities will be allotted an excused absence. These activities could be scheduled NCAA events, performances that require mandatory participation and military duties.

Per the updated policy, instructors are to provide these students with the opportunity to make up any work missed in class, within reason.

The university policy also excuses students who experience an auto accident, death of a loved one or a medical emergency. SRU also recognizes that students may face short-term and or long-term illness at which point it is the student’s responsibility to communicate when this occurs.

In the event that a student should face a long-term illness, military deployment, or the death of a loved one, students will now communicate directly to the dean of students, who will inform the student’s professors of the situation. It is important to note, however, that this will not allot an excused absence from the class period missed.

Depending on the length of such absence from campus, students are encouraged to speak with their academic advisor to decide if continuing with classes is in the student’s best interest. Should students experience an illness, such as testing positive for COVID, they may request written verification from the university health center to provide to their professors.

SRU continues to make the transition back to normal life on campus. This has led SRU to adjust and implement policies to better serve the SRU community as we continue to adjust to a world with COVID-19.

Students with questions regarding the SRU updated attendance policy should speak with their professor or academic advisor.

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