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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Your voice and vote matter!

During the 2016 presidential election, I remember people were saying their voices did not matter, and so they would not be voting. I heard...

Try a fry: part two

For people who enjoy fish, there is no better time than Lent to find a good meal locally in Slippery Rock. Whether it is at...

Our View | An open letter to the women of our lives

Our View is a staff editorial produced collaboratively by the entire Rocket Staff. Any views expressed in the editorial are the opinions of the...

A critique of gym bros

Social media is producing and re-producing discourses around men’s self-help and self-esteem that identify women as their enemy and deserving of mockery. The meteoric rise...

The killer topic of true crime

True crime generally refers to a genre of books, movies, TV shows and/or podcasts that cover real crimes that happened that involved real people....

I wish Lea Michele could read this

“All that work and what did it get me? Why did I do it?” are the age-old questions from a cover of Bette Midler’s...

Try a fry: part one

As a pescatarian, I appreciate the easy access to fish that the Christian season of Lent provides.  I keep seafood in my diet as an...

How does a white man know what it is to be Black?

What does a white man know of the struggles of his Black siblings? How can a white man, who has never had a run...

Grief and tragedy in Gaza

CONTENT WARNING: This article contains descriptions of violence. Please use discretion when proceeding. Three-year-old Ahmad Ibrahim Shabat’s legs were both blown completely off his body...

Weekly reading: Give it time

My freshman year of college, I bought a deck of tarot cards with the intention to learn as much as I could to better...
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