International Week connects students and cultures


Every year, the Office of Global Engagement alongside International Club host International Week, a celebration and recognition of international students. This event is celebrated worldwide for all students who travel abroad to study. 

This past week, Slippery Rock University hosted their International Week, with some adjustments in order to make many of the events online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

With over 110 international students from 34 different countries (with roughly half attending Slippery Rock University online), there are many different opportunities that are available to provide students with the International Week experience. 

Most of the events for International Week were being held online in order to accommodate both social distancing guidelines as well as geographical guidelines. With an online format, students from all over the world can access the online events that the Office of Global Engagement and International Club were hosting.  

Some of the events that make up International Week include the International Fashion Show, online gaming sessions, trivia nights, and the annual International Dinner.  

Not only do these events promote new relationships amongst students, but the events also allow International Students to present their native culture to other students.  

Noora Alie, the assistant director for international student services, believes this to be one of the core pillars of International Week.

“It is important for students to be heard and recognized for their sacrifices and challenges” Alie said. “This is a chance for students to represent their country. “ 

International Week acts to bring the campus together and allows international students to share a glimpse of home.  

Even though International Week was very different this year than it has been in years past, there is always something unique and intriguing about bringing many cultures together. The hard work and dedication of students and staff had allowed for the events to come to fruition in order to represent all the international students of Slippery Rock University  

International Club is open to all students and anyone who is interested in joining Global Engagement is encouraged to join. 


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