The Reflections Body Image Program at Slippery Rock University hosted their annual Body Positivity Week to promote acceptance and self-love. This Week was designed for students at SRU to share online, but could have been shared with anybody.

Body Positivity Week is an annual event that is hosted every year by the Reflections Body Image Program. The program is an organization where the main goals are to raise awareness about eating disorders, body confidence and empowering students to face the misconceptions of beauty and appearance that are placed upon individuals by the media. The organization also advocates for health and wellness of and bringing acceptance to every person.

The main purpose of Body Positivity Week is to provide tips, information, and support about positivity within one’s life, which is more important now than ever before due to COVID-19.

Mikaila Leonard, the president of the Reflections Body Image Program, is passionate about the importance of promoting self-love and self-care, and how these ideals are presented during Body Positivity Week.

“We make sure to bring awareness around ideals that people face every day,” Leonard said. “So many people are experiencing changes, and we want them to know that it is okay.”

Body Positivity Week is a collection of different events scattered throughout the week. Each event this year is online, which has allowed for the utilization of social media platforms.

One of the best ways to spread the message of self-appreciation and acceptance is for students to share posts online, especially through Instagram. This allows for the positivity to spread from person to person, all the while utilizing social media, which is a very popular item amongst many students.

Each post consists of positive affirmations that can be referred to at any time by anybody. Participants are also encouraged to share a few positive affirmations about their lives and to tag a friend to have them share affirmations about themselves as well.

Other activities included in Body Positivity Week are different documentaries and discussions, tips and advice about self-care, and guest speakers. Each one of these activities provides opportunities for students to appreciate themselves and who they are.

Body Positivity Week is important because it reminds every single person that who they are is wonderful and that there is no set standard to how someone should look or be. Positivity and self-love are vital elements within everyday life, and everybody deserves to feel those, which is exactly what The Reflections Body Image Program aims to do.

Body Positivity Week is a safe and understanding time for individuals to express and love themselves. All year round, The Reflections Body Image Program offers different events and programs to promote positivity and self-appreciation. Additionally, the organization collaborates with other clubs and organizations on campus to create wellness and self-love.

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