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Victoria Davis, Copy/Web Editor and Assistant EIC
After a sub-par journalism class in high school, any passion for the field fizzled out by the time I came to Slippery Rock. It was by luck that I had a friend on the staff the year the Copy/Web section was created. While I may have applied because I was sick of working at a dining hall that shall not be named, I found a job that serendipitously matched my skills and passions all while reintroducing me to a field I had dismissed years ago.

These last two years working in this section of The Rocket have taught me much about social media management, journalism, and most importantly, just how much fun aggressively scribbling with a red pen can be.

When I’m not on Twitter or being liberal with a red pen in The Rocket office, you can usually find me in the Women’s Center, where I work on programming that promotes education on intersectional equality, or in Spotts finishing up my majors in English Literary, Film, & Cultural Studies and Gender & Diversity Studies. After graduation, I plan on getting my Master’s and Ph.D. with the goal of teaching at a small liberal arts university, very much like the one I will be leaving in less than a year.

By the end of this year, I will have spent 75 percent of my undergraduate experience with The Rocket, making it an integral part of my college experience. I am so grateful for an experience which has sharpened my skills while reintroducing me to journalism, a field which will always have a special place in my heart whether or not I am lucky enough to work in it again. While I will be saddened to leave The Rocket after only two more semesters, I am so excited for another year of breaking news, tweeting polls, singing Kate Bush in the office, and, of course, breaking out my red pen a few final times.

Victoria Davis, Copy/Web Editor and Assistant EIC

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