The Rocket

2018-2019 Staff

Eric Davies


My name is Eric Davies and I am returning to The Rocket staff for my third year and moving from Multimedia Editor to Editor-in-Chief. Unlike other staffers who sought out a position with The Rocket, I honestly stumbled into contributing...

Adam Zook

News Editor

Adam Zook is the News Editor for The Rocket and is in his 3rd year on staff. A journalism major, Zook has contributed to every section of The Rocket, and served last year as Assistant News Editor, covering mostly Student Government...

Oscar Matous

Sports Editor

Greetings and salutations. My name is Oscar Matous and I am the Sports Editor for The Rocket. My roots in The Rocket go back to the early weeks of the spring 2016 semester. I had just finished my first full semester of college...

Stephen Cukovich

Sports Editor

As I enter my fifth semester with The Rocket, I never thought I would be working at the level I am now.  Simply as a fan of sports, I am honored to be Sports Editor for our outstanding school newspaper. Getting to know some of...

Megan Bush

Campus Life Editor

Representatives from The Rocket came into my FYRST seminar class one day, so I put my name on a sheet of paper and never looked back. I’m now entering my fourth year writing and my third year on staff at The Rocket, and I’...

Heather Donat

Copy/Web Editor

My name is Heather, and I am currently a senior Public Relations major. Coming into first year as a Public Health major, I quickly knew I was in the wrong field. I've always excelled in language and literature, and that is what...

Paris Malone

Photo Editor

Paris is the 2018-2019 Photo Editor. He is a senior computer science major from Washington D.C. and enjoys photography, videography, and is usually out exploring every weekend.

Lauren Ault

Advertising Manager

Lauren is pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Communications with a Concentration in Digital Media Production. She loves interacting with people and spends her free time painting, taking pictures or clicking “Yes, I’m still her...

Hannah Shumsky

Assistant News Editor

My journey with The Rocket began well before I became a student at SRU. In fact, while my younger sister was taking a tour of a local university, our tour guide was related to Cody, the Editor-in-Chief of The Rocket for the upcoming...

Hope Hoehler

Assistant Campus Life Editor

My name is Hope and I am currently a sophomore journalism major and graphic design minor. Ever since I took a journalism class as a freshman at Hampton High School, I knew that journalism was something that I wanted to pursue....

Jack Hopey

Assistant Photo Editor

When I first picked up a camera, I dropped it and it broke. Luckily, the second time went a lot better. I’ve enjoyed all types of media since I was a little kid but only recently found a true passion in photography. I’m excited...

Sarah Allen

Assistant Copy/Web Editor

I am a senior Exercise Science major and this will be my first (and unfortunately only) year working at The Rocket. While it is not typical for an Exercise Science student to pursue journalism, I discovered through my experiences...

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