What To Remember When Doing Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Published by Partnered Content, Date: March 29, 2023
What To Remember When Doing Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Having a vehicle is convenient, but it also takes work to ensure everything stays in top shape. While some parts will last years, others need regular replacement.

Letting fluids get too low or allowing essential components to wear out can result in catastrophic failure, putting you and others on the road in danger. Here’s what to remember when doing regular vehicle maintenance.

Check Fluid Levels

Your vehicle requires various fluids to run smoothly while on the road. Oil, coolant, and brake fluid should always be full to ensure your safety and maximize the engine’s life. If fluids run out, you could have an accident or breakdown.

Remember to park on a level surface when inspecting your engine. Check the reservoirs and fill them with the proper solution if they’re low. Remember that overfilling can cause just as much damage as underfilling.

Do Seasonal Inspections

The weather can be brutal on your vehicle, especially in summer and winter. High temperatures can degrade the battery and affect tire pressure. Low temperatures can damage essential components, freezes fluids, and cause seals to rupture.

Getting inspections in the spring and fall will help your vehicle get through the worst parts of the year and ensure the car lasts. These four ways to prepare your vehicle for the spring will ensure you’re ready as the weather turns.

Rotate and Balance Your Tires

Your tires are essential for creating a smooth, efficient ride. If your alignment is off, it can be hard to steer, and the vehicle could start to shake. Regularly rotating tires ensures the tread is even on both sides, giving the tires a better grip and preventing unwanted vibrations.

In some cases, the suspension could be out of alignment, putting extra wear on the tires. An uneven suspension makes your vehicle work harder. A properly aligned one allows the tires to contact the road at even points, giving you better handling and reducing strain on moving parts.

Create a Schedule and Stick to It

With so many things to remember, it’s easy to forget to do maintenance at regular intervals. Creating a maintenance schedule and sticking to it throughout the year makes it easier to fix more significant problems when they do occur.

Knowing what to remember when doing regular vehicle maintenance will allow you to keep yours running for as long as possible while staying safe.


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