The Best Ways To Get Clean Water When Living in an Apartment

Published by Partnered Content, Date: February 28, 2023
The Best Ways To Get Clean Water When Living in an Apartment

Buying water bottles in bulk because the drinking water tastes awful. You notice your hair and skin quality fall apart after showering every time. When living in an apartment, you never know about the quality of the water you’ll receive. Sometimes, you may get water that tastes awful or doesn’t treat your skin and hair kindly in the shower. If the quality of your apartment’s water isn’t up to your stands, learn the best ways to get clean water so you can live better in your apartment.

Reverse Osmosis Water System

Since you don’t have control over the water supply, you want to ensure the water you access through your apartment is clean. You might think reverse osmosis systems are only meant for homes, but that’s not the case. Even when living in an apartment, you can install an RO water system. It’s the most effective filtration system that removes metals, chlorine, bacteria, sulfates, fluoride, and more! Plus, it stays out of sight under the sink.

Water Filter Pitchers

While RO systems are ideal, they’re sometimes on the more expensive side. If you can’t afford an RO system but still want clean drinking water, consider a water filter pitcher instead.

Water filter pitchers are a great alternative to remove some but not all water contaminants. They use activated carbon filters to remove chlorine, metals, and hydrogen sulfide through absorption. As you pour the water into your glass, you can ensure most contaminants are gone, making it safer and better for your health.

Faucet-Mounted Water Filter

Faucet-mounted water filters are easy to install, and you can attach them to any sink in your apartment. These filters won’t purify the water, but they will remove most contaminants like chlorine, metal, and bacteria.

A faucet-mounted filter functions similarly to a water filter pitcher, but the filter typically has a longer lifespan than the average pitcher filter. You can wait longer between filter changes and conveniently receive filtered water from the kitchen and bathroom sink faucets.

Showerhead Filter

Kitchens aren’t the only areas of the apartment that need filtered water. Hard water is a common issue many people living in apartments face. One of the best ways to get clean water is to place a filter on the showerhead.

The goal is to remove metals like calcium, magnesium, lead, aluminum, and zinc. Hard water negatively impacts the condition of your skin and hair. For shiny hair and hydrated skin, a showerhead filter is a must that will make your body feel incredible each day.

Before investing in any filter, use one of these ways to test your home drinking water to determine what types of water filters you need. You’ll better understand the current quality of your water supply and the style of filter that will provide the cleanest water throughout your apartment.


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