3 of the Best Locations To Set Up a Hammock

Published by Partnered Content, Date: October 6, 2022
3 of the Best Locations To Set Up a Hammock

There are numerous places on campus to relax and enjoy the good temperature. You could sit on benches, lay in the grass, or sit on the stairs leading up to a building. But one of the best ways to relax outside is with a hammock, and there are certain locations you should try for a great time basking in the sun.

Outside of a Dorm

The dorms on campus were specifically made to allow students to have a place to relax and rest. Most likely, the area outside your dorm has a clear place with two posts that would enable you to hang your hammock. Many dorms will have trees or two walls close to each other that allow you to hang your hammock. This setup lets you relax a little differently than you would if you were in your dorm room. You can also set up your own two posts by placing two on the ground and putting your hammock between them.

Between 2 Trees in Nearby Woods

Multiple universities have an area with many trees, similar to a miniature forest. This area is a great location to set up your hammock if you want a nice, secluded spot for some quiet. There are plenty of trees to choose from of various spacing and thicknesses, so you’ll have your pick of places to set up the hammock. You’ll want to ensure you store your bag high so insects don’t crawl inside. If you’re hammocking while on the road camping, you can make van camping more comfortable by leaving your belongings nearby or using a branch in the hammock.

Between 2 Posts in a Fence

Using campus architecture, such as fences, is an effective way to hang your hammock. The posts between fences make a nice location to set up the hammock due to their sturdiness, and there are numerous places to tie your hammock without it slipping down. Fences are normally out of the way for people, so you shouldn’t worry about blocking paths for passersby.

Hammocks are great for resting outside after a long day of classes. Use these spots and other great places on your campus to relax your mind and body.


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