Tips To Help You Organize Your Collection

Published by Partnered Content, Date: May 31, 2022
Tips To Help You Organize Your Collection

Collecting is a common hobby among college students. Whether it’s books, movies, action figures, or baseball cards, there are so many interests that you can explore through the world of collecting. Maintaining your inventory is key to keeping things in peak condition, and you’ll need to develop a plan to display your important items. If you’re ready to bring your hobby to the next level, check out these tips to help you organize your collection.

Dedicate Space

The first thing you should do to organize your collectibles is dedicate space. You’ll need plenty of room to accommodate all your cool stuff and show it off in an eye-catching way. If you’re living in a dorm room or with roommates, clear off some shelf space or mount floating shelves to display your items. If you have your own place, you can devote as much space as possible to keep all your things in a central location.

Keep Documentation

As your collection grows, you might find it challenging to keep track of all your things. It’s helpful to develop a system so that you can keep accurate documentation of your inventory. Hold onto your receipts and write down when you buy new collectibles, where you’re storing them, and how much they cost. You can even digitize this process by scanning paper documents and keeping records on your computer.

Declutter Often

It’s easy to go overboard when starting a collection. Something you thought had a lot of value could end up occupying too much space as trends and your interests change. Go through your inventory periodically and get rid of things that no longer pique your curiosity. As organizational guru Marie Kondo says, get rid of anything that doesn’t “spark joy” to make room for better items.

Get Creative

There is so much room for creativity when it comes to your collection. Experiment with different storage methods to find out which one works best for your style. For example, there are so many interesting ways to display your FiGPiN collectibles, from shadow box frames to colorful cork boards. Don’t limit yourself to traditional organization techniques; expand your horizons so you can showcase your unique style and personality.

These tips to help you organize your collection will enhance your current practices and help you build better habits. In no time, you’ll have a neat and tidy inventory of cool items to show off to your family and friends.


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