The Best Exercises To Try in Small Spaces

Published by Partnered Content, Date: November 18, 2021
The Best Exercises To Try in Small Spaces

When it comes to physical fitness, most people commute to their local gym, as it offers all the essential equipment you would need to complete a workout effectively. This environment can differ from exercising in your dorm or apartment since not, only are you limited on space, but obtaining the right equipment can be tricky.

Despite these minor setbacks, you can still get a good sweat session without going to a fitness center. Here are the best exercises to try in small spaces that are effective in bringing on the burn.

HIIT Workouts

A popular cardio alternative to running and anything that accelerates your heart rate, HIIT workouts are highly customizable. Known as high-intensity interval training, you can perform these sessions anywhere. From your dorm to the outdoors, you can adjust your circuits to what you have available.

You can also use equipment to increase the intensity or perform bodyweight alternatives for a complete sweat session without the need for a gym. All you need are 30 minutes, a bit of room, and the right mentality.

Resistance Band Circuits

If you prefer strength workouts, consider resistance band circuits as a solid alternative. While resistance bands don’t offer the exact amount of muscle pump a squat rack and bench would, resistance bands work to provide external force against the muscles that simulate a weighted bar.

You don’t need much room to do these movements, as many exercises are static and don’t require you to move around the space.

Standing Exercises

When you don’t have the space for a yoga mat, consider standing exercises as a saving grace. Standing ab exercises engage the core without lying down and performing a ton of crunches. Other movements include bodyweight sumo squats, which are low-impact exercises that engage the core and won’t put too much stress on the knees.

While these are some of the best exercises to try in small spaces, but when performed together, you can achieve a solid burn that keeps you on track with your fitness goals.


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