10 Exercises Every Lacrosse Player Should Do

Published by Partnered Content, Date: September 29, 2021
10 Exercises Every Lacrosse Player Should Do

The offseason is the perfect opportunity for players to take their game to new heights at a time when their opponents aren’t doing the same. During the lacrosse offseason, some players invest their time in other sports, but that’s not the only thing you can do. Back in the day, some sports disregarded weight training. Now, it’s seen as an essential part of training for most sports. Not only can weight training help you become a more complete player, but it can also help you reduce injuries. With fall ball kicking off, make sure you are including exercises every lacrosse player should do into your offseason program.


If there’s one exercise you can never skip, it’s squats. In lacrosse, you push your lower body to the brink due to all the running, and there’s no better way to strengthen your lower body muscles than to make squats part of your weekly training.

Power Cleans

In addition to squats, power cleans are also an effective lift to incorporate since they can help make you more explosive on the field. Power cleans will also improve your grip strength and target key leg muscles.

Box Jumps

Looking for another way to become more explosive? Box jumps are an exercise that makes the list. However, to perform box jumps correctly, make sure you are jumping upward instead of having too much forward momentum.


The lower body isn’t the only thing lacrosse players should focus on in the weight room. Your core plays an important role in the game as well, and what better way to strengthen your core than with planks. Keep your back straight, hold the position, and see how long you can last off the floor!

Bench Press

Dodging against defenders or being aggressive with your body on defense are also aspects of the game that shouldn’t go unnoticed. This is why you shouldn’t neglect your upper body. Hitting the bench is a surefire way you can take down your opponent.

Cable Chops

Lacrosse players are always looking for new ways to obtain a faster shot, and some of that starts in the gym. The cable chop motion is very similar to a shot, but with the added weight resistance—it can up your mph during games in no time.

Medicine Ball Exercises

A medicine ball is another great piece of exercise equipment that players who have adopted the medicine game should have handy. Many workouts can spawn from a medicine ball, such as slamming it as hard as you can in the ground and moving it side to side against a wall. Medicine balls can also help with your shot and build up your core in the process.

Ladder Drills

Footwork is another one of the key lacrosse exercises to do, given all the movement and cuts that happen on the turf. Ladders are the perfect way to get quick feet, and there’s no shortage of drills you can use to test yourself.


Lacrosse also features a ton of running and, to be effective on the field, you need to be able to go the distance. Going on long runs and doing HIIT workouts can keep your level of performance high deep in the fourth quarter, which is why it’s one exercise every lacrosse player should do.


Building muscle is a huge benefit for lacrosse players because it can reduce injuries, but that’s not the only reason you should be doing it. Yoga can prove to be huge in terms of durability throughout the season, with numerous stretches that can keep your body loose and flexible.


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