Ways To Make Student Parking on College Campuses Better

Published by Partnered Content, Date: April 1, 2021
Ways To Make Student Parking on College Campuses Better

The parking situation on many college campuses can prove frustrating for students, as space is limited. It can become difficult to locate spots and arrive on time to classes. Here are some ways to make student parking on college campuses better. As a student, you can open discussions on improving this aspect of school with these ideas.

Track Available Parking Spaces

Technology can track parking spaces. With smart sensors, a campus can collect data on open and occupied spots. It can then display this information in real time through signs that connect with the sensors. These signs can list the names of different parking areas on campus and show the number of spaces currently available in each. Such a system can take away a lot of the trouble of locating a parking space each day.

Encourage the Use of Bikes

Driving remains the most popular and often comfortable mode of transportation, but it’s not always necessary. For those who don’t commute very far, riding bicycles can be an effective alternative for getting around campus. With more people biking, the strain on parking can decrease and those who truly need spots will have an easier time getting them. Colleges can encourage the use of bikes by installing more bike racks where they’re needed and setting up a rental service. Some colleges have already instituted bike sharing on their campuses to great success.

Implement Automated Parking

If parking problems are severe and a college is willing to invest in a long-term solution, automated parking is a good option. Automated parking is one way to make student parking on college campuses better because it allows for far greater space efficiency than average lots and garages. The system is set up as an enclosed, multi-level structure that stores vehicles in racks. It uses a self-moving platform to move cars in and out of its storage space, independent of drivers. Since it doesn’t need to include wide driving lanes or ramps, it can hold vehicles much closer together than a parking garage or lot. With an automated parking system, colleges can increase their parking capacities greatly without needing to widen the lateral land space that their parking areas occupy. Colleges benefit from automated parking in other ways too, as these systems can improve vehicle security and help lower driving-related emissions.


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