Best Outdoor Fall Workouts for Students

Published by Partnered Content, Date: October 23, 2020
Best Outdoor Fall Workouts for Students

Fall weather should not keep you from enjoying the outdoors and breaking a sweat. There are so many reasons why fall is the best time to exercise, so get out and clear your mind between writing that paper and study for that exam. Here are a few of the best outdoor fall workouts for students.

Walking and Jogging

Walking and jogging are simple exercises, but they are excellent ways to enjoy the outdoors. Try finding a group of friends to run or take a stroll around campus with. You can be each other’s support and accountability to keep exercising even when it becomes chilly. Be sure to wear warm clothing and layer well. With the right attire, you can stay at the perfect temperature every step of the way. Also, walking and running outside make it easy to manage your speed based on your energy levels. If you are especially tired one morning or are fatiguing more quickly than you usually do, you can simply slow down to a jog or walk. Though it is cold, moving your body for a few minutes will get your blood pumping in no time.

Hiking and Biking

Some other outdoor workout solutions that might interest you are hiking and biking. Local nature trails are beautiful this time of year—go out and see the leaves as they turn and fall. The fresh air you’ll get when hiking or mountain biking along the trails can help calm your nerves and center your mind. Also, it is incredibly fun to ride through a pile of leaves and hear them rustle beneath your wheels. Like running and walking, consider grabbing a group of friends and driving out to a trailhead near you. Over time, you can even consider taking a camping trip together to trek across a greater distance.

Functional Training at the Park

Outdoor workouts do not just involve walking or running. Instead, take your functional training outside! Look for an empty spot of grass or pavement where you can move unencumbered. Here, you can do your leg work with side leaps and squat jumps. Bring a blanket or mat for ground-level exercises, and engage your core with some bicycle crunches and leg lifts. Also, find a bench nearby that you can use without disturbing others. With this, you can get into exercises like elevated park bench pushups and bench step-ups. Create a workout circuit with various repetitions of these exercises.

Try out a few of the best outdoor fall workouts for students this month. Consider going out with a few friends in a socially distanced and appropriate manner. There are endless ways to enjoy your exercise as the days grow colder!


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