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A long time coming

Safety students now have access to long-promised resources

Haley Potter

Haley Potter, Senior Rocket Contributor

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Strain Safety Building is back up and running after months of being under construction. The first official day for the building to be back in use for the safety management department was February 25.

Dr. Joseph Cali, Safety Management Professor and head of this project said the students and faculty are both happy to be back in the building.

“The facilities are great for the students and I am excited to see them use the new equipment,” Cali said.

Cali said some of the new features include a lab for hazardous material and waste management that has different armor to be worn in various dangerous situations. He also said that the room includes a fire lab and fire system.

“Firefighters will be coming next month to train students on this equipment,” Cali said.

Derek Szymkowski, a Senior Safety Management major said it is more convenient to have class in Strain because there is more parking and easier access to professors.

Cali said there will be even more opportunities for students in the fall.

“There will be an overhead crane, scaffolding equipment, and power equipment for the students to use,” Cali said.

Szymkowski said he is most excited for the fire lab.

“It is a hands-on lab and I think it will be better than just learning it in the classroom,” he said.

Mike Hall, a Junior Safety Management major also said it will be nice to have hands on experience.

“Before, professors would tell us in what we would be doing in the safety building, but now we can actually do this stuff,” Hall said.

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A long time coming