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Instant gratification has this generation confused on romance

Megan Anderson, Rocket Contributor

February 8, 2018

Filed under Opinion

When thinking about Valentine’s Day and how this generation dates we get all types different opinions from friends, parents and even the news media. What we are finding today is that most traditional dating methods for our parents’...

Music Review – recent releases suggest 2018 will be good year for music

Mallory Angelucci, Rocket Contributor

January 26, 2018

Filed under Campus Life, Opinion

Building reputations, breaking bridges, and taking names: new and exciting things are happening in music! As Taylor Swift serenades us with the troubles and woes of making friends and foes as a twenty-something in 2017, artists...

Grab them by the what?

Grab them by the what?

January 25, 2018

SRU student recalls favorite holiday tradition

Megan Anderson, Rocket Contributor

December 7, 2017

Filed under Opinion

The story "Twas the Night Before Christmas" has turned into a wonderful game that my family has been playing since I was seven years old. The year was 1998 or 1999, on Christmas Eve. My dad’s side of the family had come over...

Should employers be forced to provide free contraception to their employees

Oscar Matous, Rocket Contributor

December 4, 2017

Filed under Opinion

The debate over whether employers should be required to provide contraceptives to employees, without patient co-payment, has been a topic of discussion for years. It dates back to at least the 1970s, when the U.S. Senate began to ...

Five late-night cramming locations other than Bailey Library to go to for finals week

Cody Nespor, Editor-in-Chief

November 29, 2017

Filed under Opinion

Bad news befell the SRU community last week as we found out that for the first time in forever, Bailey Library will not be open 24/7 during finals week this semester. Club Bailey will follow its usual schedule of closing at midnight...

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