Staying home doesn’t have to be boring. Take advantage of this time by doing something you’ve never done or maybe things you haven’t done in a while. Here is a list of 10 activities that will keep you occupied during this pandemic:


Although you can’t go to your local gym, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice getting in a good workout. It’s important to stay active and get in at least 30 minutes of activity a day. Whether you follow a physical fitness video, go for a run or create your own workout, getting your body moving will improve your overall energy, health, sleep and mood.

2Read a book

Books can be the windows to amazing stories! Many people tend to watch movies and TV shows, but reading improves one’s mental stimulation. College students often opt out of reading for fun because of the workload for classes they have. With all the spare time we have now, pick up a good book and dive into the unknown. Reading is known to reduce stress, expand your vocabulary, improve focus/concentration and allows you to gain knowledge. So sit down and curl up to a good book; it might surprise you. 

3Play board games

Family game nights can be a blast. Dust off that old family favorite and let the games begin. Being unable to go out and do other activities gives us a great opportunity to spend time with our families and make some memories. 


Try something new! Dig through your family’s recipe book or start from scratch. Cooking a new meal might surprise you. Baking cookies can be simple, but have you tried to cook them without the pre-made package? Challenge yourself!

5Spring Cleaning

Yes, it’s that time of the year. Time to get rid of all those clothes that don’t fit and those smelly old shoes you’ve had since middle school. Go through your stuff and create a donation pile. This will help you declutter and will benefit a local donation center. Don’t forget to clean. Scrub your home head to toe. Spring cleaning is known for its sense of rebirth and starting new. It will take a load off your chest.


Do something artistic, whether that’s drawing, painting or scrapbooking. Let your imagination go wild. This is another activity that reduces stress. Take some time out of your day to doodle and who knows, maybe you’ll discover a hidden talent! 

7Create a bullet journal

Journaling is a popular form of expressing your thoughts and ideas on paper. A bullet journal is a place where you can do anything. It’s really easy! It allows you to set goals for yourself and make a schedule. Draw pictures, make bucket lists, make to-do lists or write down your thoughts for the day. The purpose of doing a bullet journal is to let yourself plan and create. In this journal, you can track your habits and help you to be more accountable for your actions. Each bullet journal is unique and all you need to start is a notebook and a pen. 

8Plan a trip

Many people use the excuse that they’re too busy to plan a vacation. Now that you may have more time on your hands, you can sit down and plan that perfect trip. Planning trips can be difficult, but if you take your time and do your research, you will be much happier with the results.

9Clear your storage

Every time your phone tells you you’re low on storage, you may ignore it. It’s time to go through all those old photos and videos and erase all those unnecessary doubles and screenshots. Organize the ones you save into albums so you can find them easier. If you want to erase them all, you can get them printed and sent right to your mailbox so that you’ll always have those memories. 


Take that old room of yours and start fresh! Start by taking down all of your pictures and posters. Move around your furniture to give yourself a new perspective. Using things you have at home, create a new vision and then go crazy. Being stuck in the house can often clutter your head. Giving yourself a “new” space can spice up your day and allow you to feel rejuvenated.

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