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McConnells Mill on a peaceful summer day

McConnells Mill on a peaceful summer day

Paris Malone

Paris Malone

McConnells Mill on a peaceful summer day

Hope Hoehler, Assistant Campus Life Editor

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Moraine State Park and McConnells Mill are both nearby parks around the Slippery Rock area. With McConnells Mill being 12.9 miles from the University and Moraine State Park located 15.4 miles away from campus, they are great places for recreation as well as great places for assignments and classes for some majors.  

The state parks are used mainly for recreation such as hiking and kayaking, but that doesn’t stop certain majors from enjoying these close parks for assignments.

Matt Opsitos, sophomore and parks and resource management major states, “the one class we had to go interview some rangers and then find some locations around the park to take pictures with signs.”  

Miriam Syed, senior physical activity and fitness management major and adventure fitness minor said, “I had Rock Climbing at McConnells Mill and Stand Up Paddleboard at Moraine.”

Syed volunteers with this program, goes on hikes with friends and enjoys the scenery at both parks. 

Mike Hall, junior and safety management major goes to McConnells Mill for Rock Climbing as well. Although these parks are great for majors that involve the outdoors, they are also perfect spots for relaxing with friends and enjoying the view.  

Hall also enjoys, “looking up at the sky through the trees and [at] the deep gorge the river made.” 

Moraine State Park, and its accompanying Lake Arthur,  is open from sunrise to sunset, unless otherwise posted, while McConnells Mill is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Moraine State Park and McConnells Mill are great for both class assignments and recreational use. Enjoy the weather, the scenery, fun times with friends, and head over to the parks!

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