SRU Crushes torch to be passed on

Published by The Rocket, Author: Stephen Cukovich - Assistant Sports Editor, Date: February 8, 2018

After the spring semester is finished, the SRU Crushes Twitter page will have a new owner behind the posts everyone looks at to find the parties for the weekends and to find out who might be crushing on you.

The Twitter page serves as a place where students can crush on each other through DM’s sent to the page, along with party posts and designated driver posts, which are then tweeted for everyone to see.  This can take up a decent amount of time for the current owner, especially on the weekends when everyone wants to have their parties posted.

“I have to check my phone about seven million times a day,” the current owner said.  “I have to be on it all the time.  I don’t really go on dates often, but if I do go on a date then they normally think I am just being rude and I have to explain why I am on my phone all the time.”

The person currently behind the page, a senior, will be graduating in the spring and will then turn the page over to new ownership.  According to the current owner, they already have a person in training for when graduation and the new school year comes in the fall.

In order for the new owner of the page to be most successful, the current owner has also written a short manual with some basic do’s and don’ts on running the page.  This is so because not every DM that is sent to the page actually gets tweeted, since some wannabe posts are too cruel or just plain inappropriate.  With DMs coming in all the time, the current owner does know everyone’s little secrets, which can be interesting the current owner said.

“Their are some posts that I just can’t say; they’re bad,” the current owner said.  “Who has which STD, who cheated on who, pictures of some people doing things.  I know who is having sex with who; it’s great.”

The current owner has been running the page since they were a freshman, after posts from the original SRU Crushes stopped being posted because the owner then didn’t want to keep doing it.  After that, the current owner and some friends started the current SRU Crushes, which is a completely new page from the original one. 

Once their sophomore year hit, the current owner was then running it by themselves.

According to the current owner, they believe their page is different from the previous one, mainly because the new one is more consistent with content being posted.

“I think I’ve given a lot people more outlets to voice not necessarily their opinion, but voice clubs and get whatever they need to say spread across campus,” the current owner said.

What proves to always be a challenge is for the current owner to remain anonymous so they can remain safe from people who might not be a huge fan of the page or what not.

“There was a couple people that I told, and then those people told their friends and it kept going on,” the current owner said regarding telling some friends they were running the page.  “Some people still find it as a shock, but whatever.”

The SRU Crushes page can be found on Twitter @srucrushes1.  The page specifically states it is not affiliated with Slippery Rock University.


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