Slippery Rock last stop on All Time Low world tour

Published by adviser, Author: Stephanie Cheek - Assistant Campus Life Editor, Date: October 29, 2013

All Time Low performed at the Aebersold Student Recreation Center Saturday, Oct. 26, completing the last stop on their world tour.

The University Program Board (UPB) hosted the popular alternative and punk band, as well as opening band The Big Time.

All Time Low is composed of members Alex Gaskarth, vocalist and guitarist, Jack Barakat, lead guitarist, Rian Dawson, drummer, and Zack Merrick, bassist. All Time Low has been performing hit songs since 2003 and has put out best selling albums The Party Scene; So Wrong, It’s Right; Nothing Personal; Dirty Work and Don’t Panic.

Throughout their years performing they have maintained a strong fan base, and claim social media has played a large part in their success. The band has a total of 3,088,339 likes on Facebook and 782,547 followers on Twitter alone.

“The Internet is a direct link to our fan base, allowing us to communicate back and forth,” Gaskarth explained, looking relaxed while lounging on the couch next to fellow band mate, Jack Barakat, when talking about how All Time Low managed to stay on the music scene and maintain a large fan base throughout the past ten years.

According to Gaskarth, the website and social media allows fans to know what the band is doing, whether there is a tour going on or not, and it is still a way to maintain a relationship with the fans.

The band has seen their music evolve throughout the years, due to the releasing of multiple albums, according to Gaskarth.

“In the beginning the music was just raw, there was no formula, but now we have worked with producers to become more structured,” Gaskarth explained.

“There is more method than madness,” Barakat, the lead guitarist, explained.

Slippery Rock University was the last stop on All Time Low’s world tour, along with the opening band, The Big Time, explained Gaskarth and Barakat.

This last show is different then the large scale venues and crowds that the band has performed in.

“Both small and large venues are cool in their own ways,” Gaskath explained.

When they tour they get to play in large arenas, but they sometimes feel a disconnection from the fans, according to Gaskath. In smaller venues, like Slippery Rock, it is easier to perform and see everyone’s face in the crowd, he further explained.

The concert was a mixture of All Time Low performing songs from the older albums and even more recent songs. They even played an original song from their EP album released in 2004. In the end the concert closed with the hit song from their album, So Wrong, It’s Right, “Dear Maria, Count Me In.”

“We are looking forward to some time off, we have been around the world twice and it is time to take some time,” Gaskarth said.

While both of the band members explained that they are looking forward to taking a break from touring, Barakat enthusiastically explained that he is most looking forward to “eggnog and fornication.”

According to Gaskarth and Barakat, since this was their last concert of the tour, they want to thank those who have come out to see them.

“Thank you to everyone for taking time out to come and see us, and we were treated very well,” Gaskath said.

“And a shout out to Rockies,” exclaimed Jack Barakat who ate at the dining hall in the Student Center for lunch.


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