Karleigh Santry, Advertising Manager

Published by adviser, Date: January 8, 2013

Growing up as the daughter of a web developer, you can imagine I spent a lot of time around computers as a kid. With the help of my father, I created my first website at the age of thirteen. Through developing my first website, I discovered a love for design. Over the next few years I became proficient in most of the Adobe Creative Suite, mostly teaching myself with a little help from a few online tutorials here and there. By the time I was in high school, while most of my classmates were working in fast-food, I was using my skill in design to make some extra money. My high school’s music department enlisted my help to design promotional t-shirts, websites, and program booklets for some of their events and it was then that I realized that I may want to work in the field of marketing someday. When I saw the job description for Advertising Manager for The Rocket, I knew immediately that it was something I wanted to do. Luckily, I had the past experience to help land me the job. As an Emerging Technology & Multimedia major, I want to learn about all different forms of media and I’m very happy to have had the chance to learn more about print with The Rocket.


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