An Independent, Student-Run Newspaper at Slippery Rock University
Will Deshong Editor-In-Chief
I have always had a strong interest in journalism and the media. I recall cutting sports articles out of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as a young child, and have been religiously following the Daily Show ever since I entered my teens. Last year I was sought out to write for the Rocket as a contributor, but was named the Staff Reporter when the position opened up soon after the Fall semester began. After a year of covering some of the biggest news stories the small village of Slippery Rock had to offer, I was named the paper’s Editor-in-Chief. Now fully underway in my fifth and final year at this university, I have the wonderful opportunity to help create and run the student newspaper. When not at the Rocket, you can find me interning with the Butler County Humane Society.

Will DeShong, Editor-In-Chief

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An Independent, Student-Run Newspaper at Slippery Rock University