Emily Brown
Throughout high school, I was obsessed with creating my own videos and I would spend hours after school just playing on my computer, editing videos. When senior year came around, I picked a college at random thinking I was going to study Environmental Science. After struggling through three semesters, taking classes that I didn’t enjoy, I decided to go with what I knew was the best fit for me and that was finding a school with a Communication degree. In the spring semester of 2014, I transferred to Slippery Rock University starting with a new major in Communication, hoping to work with film and video editing. During my first semester at Slippery Rock, I got the opportunity to apply for a job at The Rocket in which I could do my own filming and video editing for the paper. I was extremely excited just finding out that I got an interview. When I found out I would be a part of the staff, I knew I was doing what I was meant to do. I finally get to work more on my video editing skills along with filming and working with other staff members. One day, I would like to work with emerging artists and film music videos or even for movies. Working for The Rocket is something I’m really exciting about doing and I’m glad I’m getting the opportunity to work with great people and show everyone my work.

Emily Brown, New Media Reporter

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