Common Car Maintenance Mistakes You Should Avoid

Published by Partnered Content, Date: January 11, 2022
Common Car Maintenance Mistakes You Should Avoid

This article on common car maintenance mistakes you should avoid will help car owners understand what issues to look for when they fix their vehicles. After you have read this, you hopefully will not struggle under the same mistakes as many.

Not Checking the Tire Pressure

Although potential flats should be reason enough to check your tires, drivers should also be concerned about how their underinflated tires affect their fuel efficiency. Low-pressure tires will devour more gas than they should. Checking tire pressure is one of the most common types of car maintenance. Use a fuel gauge every few months to ensure the tires have the proper pressure prescribed.

Failing To Change the Oil

Newer cars can go longer distances without an oil change. However, once a car reaches 3,000 miles, you must conduct regular oil changes. Never let it go longer than 8,000 to 10,000 miles without a check. If your oil is bad, it will damage your car over time.

Failing To Inspect and Change the Brakes

It can be expensive to change brake pads, but you end up paying far more if you do not inspect them in a timely fashion. If you do not address faulty brakes, they will wear down entirely and work away at your rotators. Fixing all that will be more expensive than just fixing the brakes themselves. If you hear a squeaking noise when you slow down, make sure to get your brakes checked.

Not Replacing Air Filters

Air filters are easy enough for the average driver to replace themselves. Very often, mechanics will throw in the service with other projects. Failing to replace the filters will hurt your fuel economy, so you must make sure to stay on top of this component.

Keeping Old Wipers

Lastly on our list of common car maintenance mistakes you should avoid, you must not keep your old windshield wipers. They are easy and inexpensive to replace, but plenty of people still drive around with dangerously old wipers that leavy blurry streaks on their windows. It is advisable to change them every six months.


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