Education and Skills Needed for a Career in Human Resources

Published by Partnered Content, Date: January 10, 2022
Education and Skills Needed for a Career in Human Resources

Whether you’ve just declared your major or you’ve known you wanted to go into human resources since entering college, it’s helpful to know the steps you need to take to achieve your goal. If you’re interested in the HR field, take note of the education and skills needed for a career in human resources.

Education Requirements

Depending on which level of expertise in Human Resources you wish to work in, you should start with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in human resources, communication, or other relevant studies. You only need an associate’s degree if you wish to enter at the administrative support level; however, a bachelor’s degree will offer you more flexibility in the role and may give you an advantage in a future job application. You may even want to take your education to the master’s or doctoral level if you desire an upper-level human resources management position.

Recommended Skills

Students who wish to join an HR team someday should start practicing relevant skills while in school. Some of the key traits of an HR professional include excellent communication skills and conflict management, both of which you can exercise in communications classes. HR teams also need to be knowledgeable of local laws and regulations regarding business and employment. Therefore, taking a law course while in school may be a fantastic opportunity to familiarize yourself with employment guidelines.


Not all entry-level HR positions will require previous experience, though prior job experience will be an advantage in more competitive positions. Apply for human resources internships during your schooling period to gain crucial experience before applying for jobs. Internships help you gain this precious experience during breaks from school or while you’re still studying, meaning you’ll have an advantage once you graduate. High-level human resources positions may require several years of on-the-job experience before you can apply, which is why it helps to secure an entry-level position right away.

Now that you know the education and skills needed for a career in human resources, you can plan your courses and start working toward your dream job in HR.


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