The Best Fall Hiking Spots on the East Coast

Published by Partnered Content, Date: September 10, 2021
The Best Fall Hiking Spots on the East Coast

The entire East Coast of the United States is famous for its breathtaking views of fall foliage and the thunderous, rocky coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. If you want to take a break during your busy school life to breathe in the fresh Appalachian air or feel the brisk sea breeze off the coast, going on a hike is the best way to do it. Whether you plan a trip to several of the best fall hiking spots on the East Coast or just pick one, your fall reprieve is sure to be a refreshing one.

Acadia National Park, Maine

Acadia National Park is a little spotlight of everything Maine has to offer in one small island on the coast. Big, beautiful trees; burbling creeks; and tall peaks await you on any of the trails that coil throughout the entire park. You’ll have a variety of environments to choose from when picking a trail to hike, whether you want a challenging, high-altitude workout or a low-key coastal walk. The park includes nearly every outdoor activity you should do before summer ends along with incredible fall views from late September to October. Spend a weekend at one of its four campsites with your friends and tackle as many trails as you can in this jewel of Maine!

Newport Cliff Walk, Rhode Island

If you’re searching for a hike that includes history, coastal views, and attractions, take a short trip to Rhode Island’s famous Newport Cliff Walk. Newport is a historic town in Rhode Island renowned for its beautiful mansions that include examples from the 17th and 18th centuries. The Preservation Society of Newport County maintain these magnificent mansions, allowing visitors to experience a moment in early American wealthiness for a small fee. The rest of the hike is equally rewarding—you’ll see just why so many aristocrats built their mansions in Newport!

McAfee Knob, Virginia

As one of the most photogenic parts of the Appalachian Trail, which extends from Maine to Georgia, McAfee Knob does not disappoint. This rounded mountain peak—or knob—provides a vast view of the mighty Appalachians, and it’s the tallest peak in the area. The four-mile hike has a gradual incline, so it’s more appropriate for hikers with some experience. Needless to say, this incredible example of the best fall hiking spots on the East Coast may not be for the faint of heart—the jutting rock overlook doesn’t have guardrails, so it may scare away those with a severe fear of heights.


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