DIY Skills That Will Save Students Money

Published by Partnered Content, Date: June 22, 2021
DIY Skills That Will Save Students Money

Between groceries, textbooks, and other college expenses, it can often feel like there’s no room for fun in your budget. While maintaining a healthy budget can be difficult, knowing essential skills can alleviate some of your expensive monthly costs. Keep reading to learn the best DIY skills that will save students money.

Providing Your Own Nail Care

Manicures help you maintain the health of your nails, and they give your hands a bright and luxurious glow. While you may not be able to pay for a new manicure every two weeks, you can DIY a professional manicure in the convenience of your dorm room.

With the right tools for a manicure, luxurious nails can be applied anywhere. For this DIY skill, you’ll only need to invest in polish, LED lamps, and any other shaping tools. With these simple purchases, you can give yourself and your friends high-quality salon manicures without eating into your monthly budget.

Sewing Clothes

Although clothing may not seem important to include in your budget, there are plenty of affordable ways to replace or repair clothing without spending excessive amounts of money. For example, teaching yourself how to sew is a simple DIY skill that will save you money in the future.

When you teach yourself how to sew, you can stitch and repair old clothes to make them last longer. You can also cut costs by shopping for recycled clothing at local thrift stores. Once you bring your purchases home, you can use your sewing skills to tailor the garments to your style.

Become Your Own Hairstylist

When you’re tight on cash, it can be stressful to allot money in your budget toward a haircut. Depending on how fast your hair grows, haircuts can be a consistently high cost that absorbs most of your budget. While you should save more extensive styling, such as hair dying, for the professionals, you can learn to do standard haircuts yourself.

Although it is not recommended to give yourself a highly difficult or complex haircut, you can manage most hair trims on your own. Once you learn to perfect your hairstyling skills, you’ll save money and have more room for fun in your budget.

Budgeting is tricky but not impossible. Consider learning some of these DIY skills to save money in the future. When you’re a master of these basic skills like nail care, sewing, and hairstyling, you can use these abilities to save costs for the rest of your life.


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