What Vibrations Can Mean for Your Car

Published by Partnered Content, Date: May 19, 2021
What Vibrations Can Mean for Your Car

It’s not normal to experience a constant vibration coming from your steering wheel while you’re driving, and it becomes seriously concerning when the entire cabin starts shaking. These vibrations can swiftly turn into major issues if you don’t address the problem immediately. But several different things can lead to vehicle vibrations. Therefore, knowing what vibrations can mean for your car can help you better understand what services your vehicle requires.

Wheel Issues

The most common culprits of vehicle vibrations are tire issues. When it comes to the tires, there are a few root causes that you need to be aware of to figure out what’s wrong. Vibrations can come from uneven tire wear, deflated tires, differences in weight between wheels, and loose lug nuts.

Simple Fixes

Luckily, many of the problems you may face with your tires are relatively easy fixes. Sometimes, you just need a new set of tires, or you have to fill your tires with air, and the problem goes away. However, other issues may go deeper, such as faulty wheel installation or differences in wheel weight.

Drive Shaft Problems

A more complex issue can arise from your vehicle’s drive shaft. The components that make up your drive shaft all play roles in transferring power to your wheels, giving your car the ability to move. Thus, if your drive shaft breaks, your vehicle will lose its function.

Delicate Repairs

Because various problems can exist in your drive shaft, your car can experience different types of vibrations. Pay attention to how your vehicle handles and what kinds of vibrations you’re experiencing. Giving this information to your mechanic can speed up the repair process.

Suspension Issues

Your suspension system absorbs most of the shaking and shuddering that arises from your car’s movement. But once its components become damaged, it can no longer function as intended. Problems with your suspension typically originate from old ball joints or tie rods.

Intensifying Problems

A shaking steering wheel is a cause for concern, though it may not be the most serious issue you can have with your vehicle. Nevertheless, allowing this to go unaddressed and letting the steering wheel’s components deteriorate can lead to major problems that affect your vehicle as a whole. Perform the necessary maintenance to correct the different vibrations your car can experience as soon as possible.


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