How To Become a Professional Liability Insurance Agent

Published by Partnered Content, Date: May 7, 2021
How To Become a Professional Liability Insurance Agent

In high school, your parents and teachers encourage you to think about your future career, so you choose the right program at the right college. But this doesn’t end upon selecting your major. College students and working professionals who are years into their fields still struggle to find a balance between their work and their calling. If you want to explore another career option, here is how to become a professional liability insurance agent.

Learn About Professional Liability Insurance

While becoming an insurance agent takes time and practice, it all begins with education. Dig deep into the specifics regarding professional liability insurance, especially as it differs from life, auto, and other coverage types. Doctors, lawyers, business owners—professional liability insurance agents work primarily with working professionals who need coverage for their businesses and personal practices.

Complete Educational Courses and Licensure

The world of insurance is quite detailed and demands devoted study from its students. To become an insurance agent, you must complete the courses for your degree, which requires months of intensive study. For example, you should learn about insurance fraud investigations and how to handle them as an agent. All of this work will culminate in a licensing exam that will determine your viability for practice.

Research and Apply to Agencies

After meeting all state requirements and obtaining a license, you’re ready to start working as a professional liability insurance agent. The next step is the same for any hopeful professional with a degree—you must research and apply to insurance agencies. While you can work as a solo insurance agent, you should start with an agency for a few years to get the basics down. You’ll also want to develop professional and client contacts, so you have a foundation for the future.

While each of these steps will take time, knowing how to become a professional liability insurance agent gives you another career idea to mull over. As you continue to navigate your collegiate years, remember the myriad career options available to you and run after the ones that excite you.


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