The Best Jobs for Artistic People

Published by Partnered Content, Date: March 25, 2021
The Best Jobs for Artistic People

Finding a job is a long process—you want something that’s enjoyable but it also has to pay the bills. If you’re an artist hoping to work in the field, begin narrowing your job hunt by discovering the best jobs for artistic people and taking a few classes to polish your skills.


The writing industry has a lot to offer, ranging from the technical and business end to writing screenplays! If writing is your passion, consider getting a degree to work one of the many jobs within the field.

Technical Writer

Technical writers create instructional manuals and often work in communication training to provide people with proper instruction on specific tasks. If you love writing and want to blend it with your business motives, this is the ideal career path!


Is your dream to create scripts for major motion pictures? Screenwriting allows you to share a story visually—you’ll write the scripts and work with a team to bring the project to fruition! This is perfect for those whose imagination is always on the go.


Whether you’re a makeup artist, nail designer, or hairstylist, set your inner fashionista free in this industry!

Makeup Artist

Your options are nearly endless, ranging from working for a wedding company to get blushing brides ready or opening your own salon. Keep in mind that working in this industry requires a cosmetologist license.

Hairdresser or Nail Technician

Consider pursuing a business degree so you can open your own salon with a team of stylists where you do makeup, hair, and nails. After getting certified, keep yourself prepared and gather the right supplies!

2-D Art

Maybe you’re not interested in working directly with the public like a stylist, nor do you love writing but love two-dimensional art. Consider finding a job as an illustrator or an animator.


Just like a writer, those who work as an illustrator have various options at their disposal ranging from blending their artistry with business to sticking to the Arts. As an illustrator, you could design logos for companies or help create images for children’s books!


Working in animation is enjoyable to those who love to draw but want to mix their art with a few technical elements. Animators can create motion pictures through drawing either by hand or on the computer, but they may also use clay figures for Claymation or puppets.

As you evaluate all your options for the best jobs for artistic people, choose one that best complements your artistic skill; the goal is to find a career you’ll love. Make sure you study the best field for your craft and do the research to understand the wage, competition, and need for it in your area, as this differs from place to place.


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