How To Organize Cables in Your Student Apartment

Published by Partnered Content, Date: March 25, 2021
How To Organize Cables in Your Student Apartment

As many students balance hybrid courses, half online and half in-person, they’ve taken measures to equip their abodes with adequate tech supplies for online class. If you’re living in student housing, you may find your outlet overcrowded with chargers, Ethernet cables, and HDMI cords, making inconvenient knots seem inescapable. Entangled cords are an organized individual’s nightmare. Still, the perks of a wired network are worth the hassle of some cable management. Learn how to organize cables in your student apartment, so you can create a stress-free distant learning setup.

Label Cords

One hassle you’re likely to experience with jumbled wires is selecting the one you need on the first try. Whether you’re looking to remove or replace some cables in your apartment, the task is going to be much more challenging and riskier if you’re pulling at random.

Label your wires by color-coding them with tape. You can use a labeler if you prefer, abbreviating the name to fit accordingly. Sorting through cables, whether by an outlet or stowed away, is easier when they are specifically marked.

Bundle Them Together

Reduce the chances of cables getting tangled by bundling them together. Collecting them in a zip tie or with a clip will make them easier to organize and place out of sight. Minimize the space they take up by gathering them and securing them together. Of course, you can always re-bundle or relocate them as necessary.

Find Prime Placement

How you organize the cables in your student apartment will depend on the apartment’s layout. To decrease the cables’ visibility, strategically run them along the underside of furniture. You can fix your wires to run behind your entertainment system, study area, or anywhere else you think would be ideal for network access.

Running cables along apartment walls and furniture is also beneficial to apartment safety. You’ll diminish the tripping and fire hazards that messy cables pose significantly.

Tape Cords Up or Down

You can mount cords under your desk or secure them to the ground with furnishing-friendly electrical tape. Placing them under your desk is one of the best ways to lift cables off the floor and hide them in a way that is also convenient to your device’s location and needs.

If you don’t have the resources to do optimal wire configuring, taping your network and charging cables along the ground and close to the wall is your next best bet. By taping them together and to the ground, you’ll at least have reduced the eyesore they were when jumbled together. With fun DIY crafts, you may even be able to make a neat decoration out of the ensemble.


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