Life Skills You Should Know Before Moving Away To College

Published by Partnered Content, Date: December 11, 2020
Life Skills You Should Know Before Moving Away To College

High school seniors should start making plans for the upcoming year. If you decide to go to college, you’ll need to know a few important things. This article talks about life skills you should know before moving away to college. University can be an eye-opening introduction to adulthood, so you must do everything you can to prepare.


If you choose to attend a school far away from your hometown, you likely won’t see your parents very often. Infrequent visits mean that mom and dad won’t be around to do your laundry, so you need to learn how to do it yourself. Ask someone at home to show you how things work to avoid laundry room floods.

Car Emergency

Many students choose to bring a car with them to school to avoid walking everywhere. If you’re bringing a vehicle with you, you must learn how to handle a car emergency. Again, your loved ones won’t be around to help you out of this situation. Think about researching how to change a tire, and learn common car maintenance terms so that you aren’t totally confused in an overwhelming situation.


Most people wouldn’t consider dorm rooms the cleanest spots on campus. Do what you can to shatter this stereotype by cleaning up your space. Pro Tip: Throw out food and trash the minute you finish so that things don’t pile up.

Also, consider picking up cleaning supplies every time you go to the grocery store. These items are scarce right now, which is why you need to be proactive. Ensure that you scrub every nook and cranny so that dust doesn’t irritate any allergies.

Grocery Shopping

Another life skill you should know before moving away to college is grocery shopping. You can’t eat cereal or candy every day because you’ll gain the freshmen fifteen in no time. Instead, try planning out your diet before you go to school. This is an excellent opportunity to practice budgeting, and you can also cook some healthy meals.


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