Best Ways to Deal with a Sick Roommate

Published by , Date: January 27, 2020
Best Ways to Deal with a Sick Roommate

When it comes to flu season, school is a veritable breeding ground for the insidious illness. Many students can’t afford to get sick either because of a major test, paper, or project that needs to be done. However, there are times when our own roommate might fall victim to illness. Find out the best ways to deal with a sick roommate so you don’t fall behind on your schoolwork.

Wash Your Hands

The first point is common sense—if you’re out of handwashing soap, make sure you go out and get some. Washing your hands after you go to the bathroom, are finished with a meal, or in the same vicinity as your sick roommate is a good habit to pick up. Also, try to use a different hand towel than the one your roommate is using.

Disinfect Your Room

Germs can spread so easily, which is why you want to take the time to disinfect your room to the best of your abilities. Think about items you regularly share with your roommate like a remote, door handles, and more. Use disinfecting wipes to prevent the spread of those nasty germs.

Take Vitamins

Taking vitamins is another one of the best ways to deal with a sick roommate. Increase your vitamin C intake by taking supplements. This will give your body the extra defense it needs, so you don’t run the risk of getting sick.

Give Them Space

Whether your roommate has a bacterial or viral infection, it’s important that you give them enough space so you can avoid it. If you share a room, let them have it for the time being. If you have your own room, try to stay away from that room until they recover.

Help Them Out

To ensure that your roommate gets better, help them out a bit when they’re down. Make them some soup if they need it or pick up some medicine if they’re too ill to get out of bed. You would want them to be there for you if you were sick—always follow the golden rule.


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