Student media offers valuable, real-life experience to students of all majors

Published by adviser, Author: The Rocket Staff , Date: March 8, 2017

A major misconception of students when seeking to join student media organizations such as The Rocket or WSRU-TV is that the participants must be journalism or communication majors.

While many members of these organizations are studying in that major, many other members are actually outsiders who are on staff and contribute contentare proof that being a part of student media can benefit anyone.

One of the most beneficial things about working in student media is that it offers real-life experience and helps sharpen the student’s skills.

It gives students a taste of what it’s like to work under pressure while a hard deadline is looming, and encourages them to prioritize.

Sure, student media positions require certain skills that are taught by the communication department, but that does not mean that some of these skills can’t be acquired by students who aren’t communication majors.

For example, an award-winning Rocket graphic designer isn’t even a part of SRU’s communication department, but is instead a recreational therapy major.

Other than communication-related skills, student media offers skills that are considered valuable in any workplace: collaboration, time management, leadership, interpersonal skills and problem solving skills.

Students new to college will quickly learn how valuable real experience is to their potential and future employers. Sure, grades and GPA should be a priority for every student, but that can only get anyone so far.

Getting experience, creating connections and proving your worth as a staff or team member earns that person a reputation as hard worker and all employers will seek that out first and foremost.

Both The Rocket and WSRU-TV give students the opportunity to exploit their creative interests, and that goes far beyond writing articles and reading the news off a teleprompter.

Both organizations seek out students who love to film and edit video and allows students to use top-notch equipment and software to do so.

Some incoming students have a passion for photography, so why not take pictures of sports and other events for The Rocket? Others love to be on camera, so why not learn to be a reporter for WSRU-TV?

Student media offers students an opportunity to expand on their creativity and gain real work experience right on their very own campus.

It’s important for any student to become involved at their university, and student media might not be their calling, and that’s okay. But even if someone has the slightest bit of interest, give it a shot. You’ll never regret it.


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