Diversity is an incredibly complex subject

Published by adviser, Author: Joseph Szalinski - Rocket Contributor, Date: February 23, 2017

The one thing we all have in common is that we all have our differences. Differences are what make us beautiful and captivating people. Attempts to sincerely understand and respect said differences should be encouraged, but every situation should be approached with an open mind.

Differences should be respected, but they don’t necessarily have to be agreed with, as long as said differences are permitted in a general sense. Blindly disagreeing, or even supporting something, no matter what it is, is strongly ill-advised. Differences, and to a larger extent, diversity, is a complex subject.

What people need to understand most of all is that diversity is not dissent. Just because another perspective is encouraged, or that, more traditional, primary options are being considered less and less, that doesn’t mean that striking out against norms is deliberate or malicious in nature.

People feel threatened whenever another option is presented. Whether it’s the relatively recent widespread championing of trans individuals, or the rise of non-religious groups of people or even anyone with any sort of an alternative lifestyle or alternative perspective. Hell, even people of races other than white, are still seen as those who disrupt the social fabric, in some semblance, by a significant swath of the American populace.

The world is an enormous place, both physically, and non-physically. It encompasses a myriad of habits, beliefs and the like. It is impossible to be a citizen without being a citizen of the world. The spread of information, art, commerce and everything else was inevitable with the rise of technology and business. We have to be, more aptly, citizens of the world!

I know that in a world with such strong advocacy for acceptance and such, the pushback is stronger advocacy for sense of self and nationalism, but that is because there is a misunderstanding of diversity.

Now, I’m not arguing that people aren’t entitled to favor self-interests in certain circumstances, or at all, but I understand the appeal of the comfort of familiarity. That being said, as I stated earlier, many people feel as if diversity is an attack on what they hold dear, but that is due to the inability to properly comprehend the aim of diversity, in this capacity. And this is not meant to be disparaging, but rather, a testament to the work diversity requires: the necessary maintenance to allow it to be appropriate and effective.

From my experience of being an outsider of sorts, I’ve come to realize creating a meaningful relationship, enabling harmonious cohabitation of inclinations and perspectives requires tremendous effort from everyone involved. Concessions need to be made, even on the part of those with the particular difference. Integrating said differences into a world relatively unaccustomed to them needs to be done carefully and appropriately. However, this does not excuse violent or negative reactions to differences; that’s uncalled for. People need to take into account of all perspectives, even those perceived as “backward,” in order to navigate the world in a safe and sensible way.


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