#Black87 educates campus about black history

Published by adviser, Author: The Rocket Staff, Date: February 23, 2017

SRU’s KINGS Org., a peer mentoring program on campus, unveiled a social media campaign centered around the hashtag #Black87 for Black History Month with the intent to educate students about black history, since there seems to be a lack of knowledge about the subject in public education.

While members of the organization recognize that a lot of folks know names like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X, many people are unaware of other black historic figures that played a substantial role in both American and world history. KINGS Org. recognizes that knowledge of black history is ever-growing, but the intent of the campaign is to squash ignorance regarding the topic.

Despite unveiling the campaign and the hashtag #Black87 at the beginning of Black History Month, KINGS Org. intends to continue the campaign through at least the rest of the academic year, as the organization believes it is essential to recognize and celebrate black history beyond a single month in the calendar year.

KINGS Org.’s campaign is extremely important, especially at a public university such as Slippery Rock, because it brings attention to historical people and moments that led to the creation of our diverse country. As a whole, SRU is a pretty diverse campus, but in many ways, the university and its groups and organizations on campus could do a lot more recognize and celebrate the range of diversity.

It is extremely important for KINGS Org. to keep this campaign running throughout the course of the semester and hopefully into the 2017-2018 academic year. It’s also essential that the organization finds new ways to get its message out there so more people are drawn to learning about the issue and can partake in the campaign.

KINGS Org. has already expressed interest in connecting with other organizations and groups on campus to get its message out to the entire campus, but since it’s Black History Month, why not make those connections now? The organization’s campaign is clever and can be immediately improved with the help and assistance of other groups throughout the university.

KINGS Org. has an Instagram page dedicated to the #Black87 campaign and posts several different historical figures related to black history during the week. Some the group’s most recent posts range from Alexander Pushkin, a father of modern Russian literature, to Hosea Williams, MLK Jr.’s trusted officer during the Civil Rights Movement.

KINGS Org. has done great work with their campaign thus far, but there’s always more room to expand, especially when you have a great cause and a great idea.


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