Fantasy football do’s and don’t’s for 2016

Published by adviser, Author: Joshua Kellem - Rocket Contributor, Date: September 5, 2016

You’re binge watching Adam Schefter’s free agent frenzy and tweets are done. Rookies have been drafted. You’ve created your own rankings. Training camp happened, and you adjusted. The overanalyzing of each preseason game is over. Finally, the draft has happened. It’s all over.

But, is it?

I’m sorry to inform you that it has only begun. What you are about to endure is a 16-week marathon to, with my advice, a fantasy football championship.

Let’s start with week one.

Personally, I find myself more comfortable playing in 14-team leagues, six-point passing touchdowns, but to each his or her own. The only tip for week one is to stay put. Beside your flex spot, you should not have any questions of who you are starting this week.

You drafted player A over player B during the draft for a reason, so leave it be. Starting week 2, after you see how things go, something long-time fans know as ‘Secret Sleepers’ will return. Important to note, secret sleepers is a list of players to consider in your flex, and rb2/wr2, depending on the lack of depth only.

No, you should not be starting these players over studs such as Antonio Brown or Todd Gurley, even if they’re struggling.
Some of you drafted Tom Brady and LeVeon Bell, so, if you’re still looking for a Brady or Bell replacement, here’s a guy at each position on your waiver wire who I like in week 1.
1. Jamis Winston (higher on him than most in the industry (check rankings). Quietly finished top 15 at QB as a rookie and was only three touchdowns, six point passing leagues, away from cracking the top 12. Will only improve in the second year with a core of skill players such as M. Evans, ASJ, C. Sims, D. Martin, C. Brate and V. Jackson)
1. Bilal Powell ( Not a great matchup for the Jets going up against the Bengals, but I imagine the Jets will be down in the second half which means pass, pass, pass. All reports throughout the preseason indicate Matt Forte is over the hill. So, more so in ppr (point per reception) leagues but even in standard, you can be the guy who ends up with the Jets rb who has value off the waiver wire. Powell is the poor man’s Forte and will be used on running downs too. Forte, at this point, I see as a short yardage/goalline back in this offense which is actually something he hasn’t been in his career. Forte = Bust.



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