Polyamory doesn’t threaten the sanctity of traditional relationships

Published by adviser, Author: Joseph Szalinski, Date: September 16, 2015

I am not in a polyamorous relationship, nor have I ever been. I am perfectly happy being monogamous in the relationship that I am currently in, however, this does not prevent me from understanding or attempting to understand polyamorous relationships.

Polyamory is engaging in a consensual romantic or sexual relationship with two or more people.

To clear up the confusion, polyamory isn’t cheating. All parties, in a proper polyamorous relationship, are aware of the situation. There is no disloyalty and no compromising of trust. Also, polyamory isn’t polygamy. Polygamy, which is marrying multiple spouses, is illegal, whereas polyamory isn’t. In a fair amount of polyamorous relationships, marriage isn’t even a consideration.

Polyamorous people are not scumbags or promiscuous. More often than not, these people are full of love and affection and just simply wish to share that love with other people. Amory simply means love, so sex doesn’t even have to be a part of the equation, although polyamorous relationships typically involve it.

Another condition of the relationship is that a polyamorous person typically has another individual that he or she focuses on more so than the others. As long as this other party is comfortable with that, no issue should persist. Something to consider is that people want the best for their loved ones. If someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend can be happy with someone else for a small amount of time when the other person is not present, then where is the harm in that? As a result, polyamorous people tend to be less jealous and possessive than those in typical relationships.

As long as each party is informed and gives his or her consent to be included in such a relationship, then there shouldn’t be an issue. A person’s personal beliefs and actions are his or her own business. Polyamorous people aren’t harming or influencing people in traditional, romantic unions. Who cares about what a person does without breaking any laws?

It’s my belief that our culture is still a little wary of being open in regards to affection, and still a little conservative in attitude towards sex and atypical unions. However, given time, this lifestyle is bound to be accepted just like any other personal freedom.


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