Finding love online is beautiful

Published by adviser, Author: Joseph Szalinski - Commentary, Date: March 26, 2015

Dating can be an extremely uncomfortable social exercise, even for someone who possesses a certain degree of social prowess. What we hope to secure through this conglomeration of awkward social dynamics, is a tangible relationship. Once two people fall in love and they begin their courtship of sorts, dating becomes easier. However, there are still those with little luck in the love department, bouncing around from date-to-date. 

I know I’ve personally dealt with being socially awkward; for most of my life, in fact. Until my current girlfriend, my relationships were few and far between. More like extensions of friendships, my relationships were never passionate, nor were they long-lasting; faring about a month on average. Believe you me, I know all too well the anxiety of asking someone I had strong feelings for, on a date. A major concern for me was trying to discern what constituted a date. Was it too friendly? Was it too romantic? Am I trying too hard? 

Being rejected, for some, is not the worst thing that could happen. Sometimes, a “yes” can be just as bad, if not absolutely horrifying. “Will the person like me? Will this turn into a relationship? What do I wear?” are all concerns that are likely to crop up in the minds of the socially insecure. Add another person to the mix, and you have the potential for double the amount of insecurities and over-thinking. 

The distraught have always turned to services in order to help with this. Whether that may be being set up on blind dates by friends, or trying to find single’s nights in local bars, people have always and will always request help.

Sites like E-Harmony, Christian Mingle, and, all offer web-based solutions to the single dilemma. Yet, despite offering the same services that traditional avenues do, they are criticized for being too desperate and sad. I would have to disagree. Any service that offers its users a chance to find someone to share this scary ride with him or her is worthy of consideration and not condemnation. If “soul mates” can find one another, then why not let them? 

Our generation has shows like The Bachelor (and now, The Bachelorette), and the generation before had The Dating Game. Talk about sad, in those instances love is being muddled by fortune and fame, at least dating sites cater to people who want to connect purely out of love. 

The Internet is one of our most valuable resources. We can enact social change, run businesses, buy and sell goods, keep informed, maintain friendships, and share ideas. To be able to find love online, is not desperate, it’s simply beautiful. 


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