Campus has plethora of opportunities to explore new things, students should take advantage

Published by adviser, Author: Casey Young, Date: April 3, 2014

The American Sign Language (ASL) club presented an amazing event at the Student Center Tuesday night.  Keith Wann and Wink each performed a comedy sketch in sign language, while the other interpreted.  They both received many laughs throughout the show.  

On the way back to my room, my friend and I got to talking about how being on a college campus exposes us to so many different things.  I never would have expected to see a comedy act in sign language in my entire life.  However, while attending Slippery Rock University, many of the events the school puts on are free or very cheap.

After this event exceeded my expectations, I started to think about all the events that all the different departments and clubs put together for all the students and faculty.  There are so many that I have probably skipped, missed, or not known about that I probably would have loved just as much.

From now on when I am walking down the halls of all the different buildings on campus, I will stop and check out the bulletin boards a little more closely.  Imagine how many more opportunities will be held within the last month of this semester.

Everyone on campus is always walking past the Student Center to check out the poster for the name of the movie playing that weekend.  I want to adopt a new mentality that causes me to check out all the other posters as intently as I read over the posters for the free movie series.

It is amazing how one great event on campus completely incised me to want to experience more of what I am not normally accustomed to.  Slippery Rock has so many clubs and a diverse set of majors, many opportunities for students to explore the unknown.  Let’s explore together.


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