‘Walking Dead’ mid-season premiere creates excitement

Published by adviser, Author: Casey Young, Date: February 13, 2014

Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on AMC are back in action with the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead that aired this week. It is a perfect show to catch up on if you are not already a “walker” weekly viewer. Only on season four, one weekend of binge watching would get you up to speed.If you are sick of vampire love triangles, reality TV, and searching through Netflix, give The Walking Dead a try.

Comparable to the twists and turns in the script of Lost, with much more gore, the show takes the audience on a journey that can not be predicted. If the mid-season premiere can be used as an indicator of the rest of the season, it is a show that everyone will want to be tuning into. The episode left us off feeling mixed emotions about the struggles of a child growing up in fear, a father trying to do what is best for his son, and the realities of survival in a lonely world.

I am not one for blood and guts. However, the show is able to tastefully include the “walkers” and their appetite for human flesh without excessive amounts of gory details. Instead, the series focuses more of its attention to the situations, feelings, and struggles of the characters After the core group of survivors were split up on the mid-season finale, I was antsy to figure out if they will find another once again. The newest episode left many things to the imagination.

That is probably why I love the show so much though. With many questions still unanswered and script writers that bring the audience on a journey of emotions, I am tantalized by what could occur.  The past seasons have shown that the writers are not afraid to kill off major characters, leaving me to wonder who is next.

If you have not given The Walking Dead a chance yet and believe it to be an apocalyptic drama you could not get into, think again.

I caught up after season two and have been enjoying it ever since. Watch, and you will be hooked like me.


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