D.O.M.A. debates are embarrassing the country

Published by adviser, Author: Will DeShong - Editor Commentary, Date: March 28, 2013

The entire country is currently wrapped up in the ongoing Supreme Court hearings concerning gay marriage.

To me it is an unsettling story to see in the news. I mean, it is simply frightening to think that there is a large group of people in this country that oppose something as basic as gays getting married. It’s absurd.

The fact that it is even a debate on a national level is sad and embarrassing for the country as a whole. There is no argument against it. Other countries are laughing at us right now about the arguments powerful homophobes successfully use in the media and in legislation.

Gays can’t reproduce? So? Does that mean infertile or elderly people can’t get married, or that marriage even has a “baby making” requirement to begin with? What about the numerous orphan children awaiting a loving home?

Gay marriage will weaken the meaning of straight marriage? Insert that cliche Hollywood marriage joke here. But beyond jokes, I’m not sure exactly how it would weaken the meaning of marriage in any way whatsoever.

My favorite argument against gay marriage is that the Bible forbids it, which is really important to consider seeing as the U.S. is a theocracy that bases its government on a single religion. Oh wait, one of the fundamental principles of the country is separation of church and state. What’s even more funny about the Bible aspect is that this is the same book that states women are property and that divorce and premarital sex are forbidden. These Bible laws “weaken” the Biblical meaning of marriage yet have no place in our national laws. And for good reason.

The scariest argument I’ve heard is that gay marriage is a slippery slope to allowing humans to marry animals or anything else they want. Yes, because animals can willingly consent to a legal agreement. Perfect argument.

There are a thousand other arguments agaisnt gay marriage, all as equally stupid as the ones listed. I try to stay open minded on many political issues, but if you are against gay marriage, you’re wrong. Not only that, you’re an awful person. One day our country will look back and see these people as the bigots they are.


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