10/14/21 Blotter

Published by , Date: October 14, 2021

October 7 – Butler County Control advised Slippery Rock University Police Department (SRUPD) that an ambulance be dispatched for an individual having an asthma attack on Building F Circle. SRUPD and EMS transported the individual to Grove City Medical Center.

October 7 – Police received a fire alarm activation from the Boiler Plant. Safety responded and discovered the alarm to be set off by a kiln, which increased the temperature in the room. The alarm system was reset.

October 8 – An alcohol violation was reported in Building F and a citation was filed.

October 8 – Borough police requested assistance with a welfare check on an individual on South Main Street with damaged property inside their residence. The person was contacted and angry and borough police are handling the situation.

October 8 – Police responded to an accident on Kiester Road where a car ran into a pole. An accident report was taken.

October 8 – A call was received for a minor accident in the Union Commuter Parking Lot. Those involved exchanged their information.

October 9 – A person was caught on video pushing over a port-a-john in the Lower Stadium Lot A Parking Lot. Gavin Arena, 19, was cited for scattering rubbish.

October 9 – Borough police requested assistance with a domestic issue at an apartment on South Main Street. No one answered the calls made to the individual and no one came to the door.

October 9 – Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) requested assistance with a domestic issue in the Grove apartments. All those involved were spoken to and one party left. PSP handled the situation from there.

October 9 – PSP requested assistance for a person(s) throwing rocks and spitting on cars at the Grove apartments. The people involved were stopped and PSP handled the situation.

October 9 – Borough police requested assistance with a domestic issue on Elm Street. Both parties were talked to and one person left the residence.

October 9 – Police received a call for an individual who passed out at the Smith Student Center. The person refused an ambulance and treatment.

October 9 – Borough Police requested assistance with a traffic stop on Vincent Road and a citation was issued.

October 10 – Police received a call for an individual missing from Watson Hall. A report was taken and a notification was sent to the surrounding police departments. The person was located and was fine.

October 10 – PSP requested assistance in response to a motorcycle accident. One person fled the area and could not be found. PSP filed the accident report.

October 12 – Police received a call for an accident on Rock Pride Drive. A vehicle stuck another vehicle while backing out of a parking space. There were no injuries and the operators exchanged their required information. No further police action was taken.

October 13 – Police received two fire alarm activations from Building F. For the first call, Safety found light smoke coming from a room that is currently not occupied. Maintenance was notified and the alarm system was reset. For the second call, the officers on scene were unable to find the reason for the alarm activation. Safety was notified and the system was reset.

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