Election Day is rapidly approaching with less than a week to go, and some students are wondering how they will get to the polls to vote. SGA is offering transportation via the Happy Bus to polling locations on Nov. 3 for students that are registered in both Slippery Rock Borough and Township.

For Slippery Rock Borough, students can expect the SGA Happy Bus to be at the Smith Student Center at 11 a.m. and again at 6 p.m. The bus will take students to the Slippery Rock Community Recreation Center. For the 11 a.m. bus, the bus will leave the polling station at 12 p.m.

The Happy Bus will arrive at the Smith Student Center at 10 a.m. and again at 5 p.m. for students registered to vote in Slippery Rock Township. The bus will take students to the Slippery Rock Township Community Building. 

Students can RSVP on SGA’s CORE page to reserve their spot. Citing the CDC guidelines, there can only be 24 students on the bus per trip. 

SGA President Joey Scuito encourages students to wear a mask and “be excited” about voting. 

“For many students, this will be their first presidential election,” Scuito said. 

Although Scuito said he was not sure what sparked the inspiration to carry out this event, this is not the first time that SGA has provided students with resources.

“SGA does have precedence for providing students with resources to help register students to vote as well as provide transportation,” Scuito said. “The mindset is that if we can provide at least one person with means to get to the polls it will be worth it. Right now, there are 2 students, so we accomplished that goal.”

Scuito hopes this extra resource will allow more students to cast their votes in this election. 

Because many students are first-time voters in this presidential election, Scuito offered some advice to students going to the polls.

“You can leave a section blank if you do not understand what a question is asking, or if you do not know what the people or position for which you are electing,” Scuito said. 

If students have questions about the Happy Bus polling transportation, SGA’s CORE page has specific times and locations.


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