The grading system for the spring 2020 semester has been altered so that students have two options as to what grade they receive, according to an email sent to students by SRU President William Behre.

Option 1 is graduate and undergraduate students will receive a grade of A, B, C or NC, according to an email sent to students by SRU President William Behre.

A grade of NC provides no credit and will not impact students’ GPA. Students who are enrolled in courses with P/NC and P/F will continue to be graded accordingly. Basic Competency/The Rock courses will continue to be graded A, B, C or NC.

Option 2 is undergraduate students will also have the option on a course by course basis to select a P/NC option. Behre said students should use the P/NC option sparingly and only in consultation with their advisers.

Behre said choosing a P/NC could have an adverse effect on future plans.

“For example, students applying to graduate school, seeking a professional credential, or hoping to maintain an external scholarship may need to have letter grades posted in order to achieve their goals,” Behre said. “There may be other instances not specifically listed [in the email] in which a letter grade is needed or desirable.”

Behre said students will receive an e-communication two weeks before the course withdrawal deadline to select option 2. If the form is not returned, option 1 will be applied. Students will return the option 2 grade form through email to if they chose option 2.

Students who receive a P will receive credit with no impact to their GPAs. Students who receive NC will receive no credit with no impact on their GPAs. The deadline to select P/NC is April 27. This choice is irrevocable after April 27.

All courses that began the semester in a distance format keep their original withdrawal deadline.

For all courses that began as face-to-face and were converted to distance modalities, the deadline for withdrawals is April 27.

Behre said if a student becomes ill or is caring for someone who is ill, he encourages students to discuss with their professors the possibility of obtaining grades of incomplete this semester. He said the work can be made up once the student’s health or care giving concerns subside.

Behre encourages students to reach out to their professors and advisers with the challenges they may face through the disruption that COVID-19 brings.

“We are here to help,” Behre said, “Please take care of yourselves and continue to practice social distancing. Together we will get through this.”

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