SGA alters senate structure for upcoming semester


The Slippery Rock Student Government Association (SGA) elections are quickly approaching and SGA wants students to be aware of the changes that have been made.

Commuter Senator Pat Noonan said SGA is very excited for the election process to begin. They believe that this year’s elections will be very successful due to some changes that last year’s senate made regarding the senate structure.

Noonan said the process of the election will be relatively the same, despite the small adjustments to the timeline.

Currently, SGA is made up of 8 executive board positions, 15 commuter senator positions, 9 building senator positions, 4 freshman senator positions and 2 graduate senator positions. However, SGA wants to put more of a focus on the colleges of the university.

SGA’s new senate structure will put more of an emphasis on the colleges of the university by going from having building and commuter senators to having 4 senators from each college as well as 12 at-large senate positions.

“This change was made to diversify the senate in a way that students from each college, as well as the entire university as whole, is represented,” Noonan said.

As for the election timeline, Noonan said the dates are still to be determined, but the overall schedule gives enough time for students to get the signatures required of them to get onto a perspective ballot.

SGA is very confident that this election process will have competitive races across the ballot and will have the highest student voting percentage that they have seen in recent years.

“Based on communication with faculty and deans of colleges, it seems that they have an increased interest in this election process,” Noonan said.

SGA hopes for a successful turnout and high student interaction when it comes to this year’s SGA elections.

“SRSGA has very high hopes with this election,” Noonan said. “We hope that the student body as a whole finds similar interest in this election process.”


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