9/27/18 Blotter

Published by , Author: Hannah Shumsky - Assistant News Editor, Date: September 28, 2018


September 20 – Police received a call from North Hall about a person who was possibly missing. The person was contacted later and was fine.

September 20 – Police received a call from North Road for a rabid raccoon by a building. The animal was disposed of and taken away by maintenance.

September 20 – Borough police requested for assistance for a person who ran out of Sheetz with a case of beer. The person was taken into custody and processed by borough police.

September 20 – Jacob Zurynski, 18, was cited with driving under the influence.

September 21 – Police received a smoke detector activation from Building F. No one answered the door, but police checked the room and everything was fine. The alarm was still going off and a work order was placed to have the detector checked. Later that day, police received another smoke detector activation from the same room. Safety removed the detector and would replace it on Monday.

September 21 – A person went to the university police station to report a theft of some items in Building A on Sept. 18. Morgan Switzer, 19, was charged with theft.

September 21 – Police received a call for a person needing medical attention at Field House Road. Police and EMS responded, and the person was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

September 22 – A nurse from the Health Center called police to dispatch an ambulance to transport a person to the hospital.

September 22 – A community assistant from Rhoads Hall called for a possible odor of marijuana. Police seized drug paraphernalia. Jaden Verrico, 19, was charged with disorderly conduct.

September 23 – A community assistant from Building B called about a person living with a resident. The person was signed in. The community assistant was advised to follow up with Housing to see if the person is in violation of the housing agreement.

September 23 – Borough police requested assistance on Kiester Road for a person carrying a sign. The person was stopped and handled by borough police.

September 23 – Police observed four persons on Maltby Avenue carrying construction signs and other items belonging to SRU. All were stopped and identified. Kodiak Heaton, 20, Daniel Kyper, 20, Michael Shimmel, 20, and Adam Yoder, 19, were charged with alcohol violations.

September 23 – State police requested assistance for a large fight at South Rock Apartments, people jumping on cars and a possible gunshot. Officers found large crowds in the area. Crowds started to disperse once officers arrived in the area. State police handled the incident.

September 23 – Police received multiple alarms from North Hall. Police discovered a water leak from the sprinkler system and shut off water to the sprinkler. There was water damage in three rooms. Maintenance and Housing were notified.

September 23 – Police received a call for a vehicle that rolled into a bus in East Lake Parking Lot. Both parties exchanged information, and no injuries were reported.

September 23 – Police received a call from Aebersold Recreation Center for a person having a medical issue. Police and EMS responded. The person was transported to the hospital in an ambulance.

September 24 – Police received a call from a father who wanted to check on his son and remove him from a room in Building A in which he was staying. The person was located and both left campus.

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