CORE lets students connect with on-campus organizations

Published by adviser, Author: Josh Reed - Rocket Contributor , Date: September 14, 2017

Originally purchased in 2015, CORE was implemented this semester and allows for co-curricular activities and organizations to interact with the student body.

Lauren Moran, director of student engagement and leadership, said that CORE allows  students to get involved outside of the classroom.

“The program was originally purchased as a way for student organizations to better organize themselves, publish and communicate,” Moran said. “Hopefully this will be something the entire university can benefit from.” 

CORE was implemented and was worked on by Moran and Jayne Piskorik, coordinator of student organizations, since late 2016. Beginning with this semester, all students will be able to access CORE for event schedules and other information on SRU’s 150 plus clubs and organizations. Moran said that there are still some improvements to be made. 

“CORE is still in the initial stages so I think we will start to see more improvements arise.” Moran said.

One improvement Moran wants to implement is integrating CORE with SRU’s university information management system, Banner. Once completed, a student’s personal information will be uploaded to CORE. Moran said an app for CORE is also in the works.

Currently, the app is titled OrgSync and can be found in the Apple store and Google Play Store. Moran hopes that the app will allow leaders to manage their clubs more efficiently but right now online events and clubs can be explored. Better accessibility is a prime goal for Moran and an area where the app would be essential. The President’s office will be using CORE for presidential commissions and committees.

Moran said feedback as been positive among leader and students, especially the pushing of the app among first year students.

“We had a CORE launch party at the Involvement Fair and most students had already downloaded the app,” Moran said.

Despite the original intentions of the program, it has really manifested into a farther reaching program encompassing many aspects of campus life.

“I would like to see CORE be the go-to electronic platform on campus,” Moran said. “Just like students log into D2L everyday, I want CORE to reach that same status.” 

CORE can be accessed through the aforementioned app or the link under Campus Life on MySRU.


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