SGA president selected to serve on Board of Governors

Published by Adam Zook, Author: Adam Zook - Rocket Contributor , Date: April 6, 2017

SGA President Logan Steigerwalt attended the April 5th Board of Governors meeting, being selected as one of three students in the state system to serve on the board

Steigerwalt said he applied for the position, which is offered to all the students in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) student government presidents, and was one of the three students selected to serve. 

“My initial reaction was one of excitement,” Steigerwalt said. “I was recommended to be a board of governor last summer; however, it literally took 10 months to get fully confirmed, which is way too long. After waiting to be confirmed, I was happy that it finally came through.

Steigerwalt will share this honor with Brian Swatt, SGA president at Indiana University, and Shaina Marie Hilsey, SGA president at California University (Pa.). 

The position challenges Steigerwalt with presiding over not just Slippery Rock, but all of the 14 state system schools. He will sit in on quarterly business meetings, participating in discussions that will touch on topics such as recruitment techniques, presidential searches and hiring and tuition costs. Steigerwalt said he is especially eager to vocalize the concerns and needs of the students encompassed in the Pennsylvania State School System.

“I will be a full voting member.” Steigerwalt. “On all action items, my vote is the same as a state senator or representative. I will be a representative of all state system students and will make sure that their voice is heard at the decision table.” 

Steigerwalt said the confirmation process was a lengthy one, and that he will only hold the position until he graduates this May. He said he has plans to continue his education at Notre Dame University, where he will be enrolled in their Master of Business of Administration program. In addition to serving as SGA president for the last two years, Steigerwalt has also been involved with SRU’s CareBreaks program that organizes student volunteer opportunities across the country.


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